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Friss hírek

Our Mayor Welcomes You

Dear Visitor, Dear Guest,

Thank you for taking the time to acquaint yourself with the beauties and values of our city and to get to know us a little better. We have been expecting you, for as Cardinal Ranolder wrote to us in the 19th century:

"this place, where we stand is second to none  in its magnificence . ... the time will come when travelers in the thousands and tens of thousands will gather from lands afar, after seeing all that is glorious, to behold all things beautiful united here. "

The soothing water of the lake, the rolling hills, the tasty wine, the splendid view, the fresh air have already captivated us, and it is my hope that you will be the next to indulge in all Badacsonytomaj has to offer.  The spirit of Badacsony is ever present. If you stop to listen, you can still hear the roar of the wild Celtic hordes riding across the land, the sounds of everyday living in the peaceful Avar community , the rattle of the Roman carts. As the author of the book "Erre inni kell! / I Raise My Cup" writes:

"For men will come and go, lives follow lives but the spirit of Badacsony is unchanged . It is breathtakingly beautiful, majestic, munificent , can never be plundered  or wasted. "

I wish for you to experience this spirit, the geniality of the people and their hospitality. Taste our vines, into which industrious hands have pressed a thousand years' worth of experience,  sadness and joy.

On behalf of all the residents of Badacsonytomaj, I wish you a very pleasant stay in our city!

Krisztin N. László



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